Unfollow Negativity

It's well into the summer in Spain and you know what that means... right? We all go on vacation, we drop our responsibilities and we forget that we ever had them or that we will have them come September (deemed the Monday of the year by Spaniards). We are closer to the end of the … Continue reading Unfollow Negativity

29 Life Lessons

I remember when getting older was something I looked forward to with much-anticipated joy. Among my friends, it was always the eldest one of the group who had the most bragging rights. So much so that we liked to add a precocious "and a half" to whatever age we were so that we could be … Continue reading 29 Life Lessons

A Monthly Spell

I wake up, my heart is racing out of my chest because I've just woken up from one of the worst dreams I've ever had. It's always one of the "worst" dreams I've ever had, every fear, every negative thing I could ever have thought of, it just comes up in this one carefully packaged … Continue reading A Monthly Spell


A true wanderer never gets homesick, or do they? I think that even though the concept of "home" is a very different one for those of us who have the Fernweh disease, I don't think that it is completely non-existent. For me, home is a series of memories, things that bring me back to a … Continue reading Homesick