My Mom’s take on La La Land

This post may be a little out of the ordinary from the usual psychological and over-thought depth pile that I share on this blog, but it was something which I thought was so comical I just had to write about it. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or working a lot which is basically the same thing (trust me I would know), La La Land has swept the audiences away, and taken Hollywood by storm. Apparently it has won everything from Golden Globes, and if I’m not mistaken “Best Picture” or is nominated… I have no idea. The point is, the movie is very popular and quite liked. I saw the movie myself and thought it was lovely, a little disappointing in the end, and also the beginning, but overall it had whim and an unexpected twist. There are spoilers in this article so if you haven’t seen it and you wanted to, please stop reading now.

I am a bit ashamed to admit that I did feel sad after watching the film I felt a bit blue for days, I couldn’t get over that relationship not working out, it was a little too real for me, and it hit a few nerves. I guess I took the movie very seriously, and felt sad for the characters, and for people in similar situations. La La Land really caused an impact, but more so than the whole movie, it was more the relationship between Mia and Sebastian. Now, although I spent weeks moping over La La Land, I thought it would be a great idea to show the movie to my mom, the most sanguine, happy hippie-type person I know. I wondered what her take would be on the movie and honestly, it was the greatest idea I’ve had yet, La La Land may have temporarily changed and saddened me, but my mom has officially changed La La Land for me, and I can’t believe the second time around I have laughed throughout the whole movie. And so, here’s a fresh, honest, interesting and completely un-rehearsed take on La La Land from my mom.


  1. Opening scene: LA Traffic and first musical: (I hadn’t told my mom it was a musical and she sort of hates musicals) Mom: “What? Why is she singing? Is this is a mystery movie? It looks mysterious. But wait, No! This is a musical? No! Stop singing! Why did this movie win so many awards? Me: “Yes mom it’s a musical, it gets better I promise!” (she looks skeptical)
  2. First Scene with Sebastian: Mom (referring to Ryan Gosling): “He has a funny little face that guy, he reminds me a bit of the Home Alone kid, or what he should have looked liked if he would have stayed kind of cute.”
  3. Scene with Sebastian getting fired from Christmas job: Mom: “Why is he so sad? He was obviously going to get fired, he should of just played the Christmas songs and then gone home and played whatever he wanted, why did he have to go against the rules, he needed that job! What is wrong with the characters in this movie?”
  4. Scene at pool party where Mia sees Sebastian again: Mom: “I’m still not getting the greatness of this movie, I’ve been watching for a while too, It’s long. The relationship of these two characters is doomed from now, it isn’t going to work, it’s so obvious!”
  5. Scene where Mia and Sebastian dance while looking for cars: Mom: “Oh my gosh! They are singing again?! Why?” (I’m losing all hope of her liking this movie, we are officially 37 minutes in and counting, she hates it).
  6. Scene with Sebastian showing up at Mia’s job: Mom: “Oh brother… this isn’t going anywhere good. Why did he go see her? She has a boyfriend? I think this girl is a little crazy.”
  7. Scene when Mia leaves boyfriend and goes to movie theatre with Sebastian: Mom: “But… she’s barely talked to this guy? She’s leaving her boyfriend for him, and like… they’ve had some dumb conversations in like two days, and they have hated each other for most of those days?” (I try to convince her of it being romantic. I fail.)
  8. Scene at planetarium “first kiss”: Mom:”See here’s the thing with this movie, it goes back and forth between some really cool fantasy scenes, and then some really lame reality scenes, I don’t understand. It is not blending well. I don’t think that’s them dancing…” (at this point I’m chuckling)
  9. Scene where Sebastian surprises Mia at home and they fight: Mom: ” He is working! What is wrong with you?! He’s working! She’s immature, what’s wrong with this girl? I don’t understand. She’s being selfish, he’s earning some money, their roof was leaking. She doesn’t seem happy about his success. She’s selfish, she doesn’t love him, you know why? Because she isn’t willing to compromise, she could have gone to Idaho with him! She missed him didn’t she? Lies. Selfish girl! (tells the screen) don’t stay with that girl she’s crazy.” (I’m now laughing)
  10. Scene where Sebastian misses Mia’s play: Mom: “Poor guy, he was working for her, and she doesn’t even let him explain that he rushed over to see her play. Poor guy couldn’t make it! I feel horrible for this guy. She has some issues, she couldn’t go to Idaho for him, but he has to be at her play? He’s a good guy.” (I now start seeing this movie completely different)
  11. Scene with Sebastian going to see Mia in Nevada: Mom: “See? He really loves her, he wants her to be happy, she couldn’t care less about him, and he’s right, she is a cry baby. Poor guy. They are not meant to be these two, she’s selfish.”
  12. Scene with Mia’s last audition: Mom: “Where did that piano come from? Is he playing? An orchestra now? Oh goodness… this is why I can’t do musicals.”
  13. Scene with Mia and Sebastian discussing relationship: Mom: “Why is she asking where they are? She clearly left him. She’s negative, she says “if” and he says: “when” this girl didn’t want to keep going with anything.”
  14. Last scenes (5 years later): Mom: “She didn’t wait for him! She didn’t love him! I told you! She married someone else, I could see that one coming from the beginning, this movie sucks, I want my money back. Goodness, she couldn’t even wait a little bit? She has a kid?! Oh wow. Why is she all sad now remembering what should have happened? Poor guy. Why are these people dancing again, I just saw this whole movie and now they are playing it again from the beginning? Where’s her current husband? So wait… did they end up together or what? This is an odd, odd movie. So now Mia and Sebastian had a kid? Oh… so it’s all in their imagination, this is so weird. This is so monotonous, we all know their life would have been nice, why the repetition? More dancing…this romance started with her flipping him off, and I think it should have ended this way too, it would have been funny.”

(Credits start rolling, mom is now laughing)

Mom:”What a crazy movie, I really don’t understand why it has won so many awards, this wasn’t a great love story. See, the guy loved her, but she clearly didn’t love him. He was happy for her success and would push her to succeed, she seemed jealous to me. I also didn’t like all the singing. I can’t believe you moped around because of this movie, it sucked!”


And so, this was my mom’s take on La La Land, and now she has officially ruined the film for me. The music is still great though.

Thank mom!



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